Himley v Wem

Written by: Nick Archer
Date: 21/07/2021

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Following confirmation from Wem that several members of the club have tested positive for Covid-19 and their 1st XI squad are required to self-isolate, the BDPCL Covid strategy has been invoked and their fixture at Himley on Saturday 24th July has been declared void. The strategy agreed by the Management Board and notified to clubs before the start of the season will apply for the remainder of the 2021 season and is as follows: -      

“If a team is compelled to withdraw from a fixture because of a Covid outbreak and/or the loss of a significant number of players due to isolation requirements such that it is unable to fulfil its commitments, any league match affected in this way will be treated as a void game. In any division affected in this way, the average points per game will be used as the deciding factor for promotion and relegation rather than total points.       

This regulation seeks to ensure that the safety of the club and their opponents is the primary concern – with promotion and relegation operating, the regulation is there to try and ensure players and clubs make the right decision and are not tempted to take risks with their health and the health of others.         

Any club calling a game off for this reason will be required to provide appropriate evidence. If it is subsequently established that the club cancelling the match provided incorrect information to gain an advantage, the club will be subject to sanctions under the ECB’s Special Measures, details of which will be provided to all clubs before the start of the season.”