Sporting Minds UK

Written by: Tony Lea
Date: 30/09/2020

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Sporting Minds UK is a registered charity with very strong connections to the Birmingham and District Premier League. Founded in 2019 by the then 18 year old Himley player Callum Lea, with trustees current Board members David Middleton and Tony Lea. 

The charity seeks to raise awareness and provide support for positive mental health in sports people aged 16 to 30, based in the United Kingdom. 

Their goal is to create a network and community in which representative young sports people can be open and honest about their mental health, and have a greater awareness for their peers’ mental health. This is done through the website, social media channels, ambassadors and various partnerships. 

Sporting Minds UK provides and funds directly one to one mental health support for young sportspeople, in association with ‘Bupa Healthcare’. To date they have offered support in excess of 200 athletes across a wide range of sports. 

During these particularly difficult times, please make your members aware of the charity and how to access confidential support if required.  

The website link is:

Link to the area to access support:  

Finally, a link to the first anniversary fund raising campaign if anyone would like to make a donation: