Williamson Trophy Briefing

Written by: Nick Archer
Date: 23/09/2020

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Government and ECB Covid-19 regulations will apply at all three matches. Teas and drinks will not be provided for players, umpires or scorers and all participants must observe the restrictions on the use of changing rooms, arriving at the match already changed. On-field Co-vid-19 regulations such as, but not limited to, sanitisation breaks and running lanes will also apply.   

The current “rule of six” regulation must be observed by all spectators. Individual club members must not be included in the bubble of 30 players and officials. Each group of six must be discrete and must not mix with any other group of six; two groups of six in close proximity and conversing, even if they are more than two metres apart, may be viewed as a larger group. If someone wanders around the ground and stops to talk to a group of six, that group will become a group of seven. “The rule of six” applies everywhere outside of the match so players should not mix with spectators during the match even if they are from the same household. Please be sensible or risk being asked to leave the premises.   

Do not come to the ground if you are displaying Covid-19 symptoms, are self-isolating/quarantining or are awaiting results of a test, whether showing symptoms or not.   

At the Final on Sunday, the players and officials will form a group of 30 (12 players from each side, two umpires, one scorer, League President, League Chairman and League General Manager) for the duration of the match. Adding spectators to the bubble of 30 will breach “the rule of six”. At the end of the game, the captain of the winning team and the captain of the runners-up will be presented with the competition trophies by League Officials at the top of the steps in front of the clubhouse at Moseley but no other players or club members should accompany them at the presentation. “The rule of six” will apply at the presentation and it should be noted that a team gathering or sitting together must, also, comply with this regulation.